Meridian Media Core 200 – A Complete Digital Media System (ISE 2011)

February 11, 2011

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The latest addition to the Meridian Sooloos range is the Meridian Media Core 200 which offers a complete Sooloos Digital Media System in one package with a 500GB hard drive, storing around 1,000 CD albums in lossless quality. It allows use of all the features of a Sooloos system.

The Meridian Media Core 200 connects directly to any existing audio system either with a Hi-Fi analogue or a Home Theatre digital connection as well as via SpeakerLink to Meridian DSP loudspeakers.

Control is simple as it can be operated by any of the network-based control systems available, including the iPad or iPhone App, a computer running the Control PC or Control Mac application, or a Meridian Sooloos controller such as the Control 15 or Control 10, and cost free for the user as all the applications are available free of charge.

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