Furman BlueBOLT "Cloud-Based" Energy Management System Premiers in Europe (ISE 2011)

February 17, 2011


John Benz, Marketing Manager, gives us a live demonstration of Furman’s BlueBOLT power management system that is an on-line, “cloud-based” IP platform. The system was premièred at ISE and will be available in Europe in the coming months. John shows how easy he can control the lights in his office in California using the friendly interface.

This concept offers a real plus for integrators when they just need to turn off a piece of equipment in a client’s home to solve a technical problem. No need to go, just do it long distance, offering improved customer service while reducing costs!

John then shows us some of the additional options for custom integrators where they can manage all their locations on the same platform. He demonstrate how energy management can be monitored in real time. Commercial applications include the possibility not only to monitor but program and control a location, for example, to be sure that lights are all switched of at the end of the day when the offices are empty.

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