The Chord Company Explains Why You Need Their PowerChord (Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show 2010)

March 04, 2010

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One of the many questions received by The Chord Company is why do I need to filter my mains using a PowerChord.

The typical household has many electrical products and many of the electronic components we now use are fitted with switch mode power supplies which generate a lot of RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). The Chord Co established some years ago that high frequency electrical interference was having a seriously detrimental effect on the performance of both hi-fi and home cinema systems and this discovery prompted the development and launch of mains cables to counteract these effects.

The simplified process they adopt is to make a high quality mains cable and introduce an extremely effective shielding system. This shielding system effectively removes the RFI leaving you with a clear mains signal eliminating the usual noise that would be amplified through your system.

In any system the PowerChord will enhance the stereo image and improve the space around individual voices and instruments. If PowerChords are not being used throughout the system, it is recommended that you experiment by fitting the PowerChord to the source component and then swapping to the amplifier. In some cases, this may well bring about a bigger increase in performance.

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