KEF New Q Series Advanced Uni-Q Driver Loudspeakers A Class Above

November 11, 2010


KEF was demonstrating the new Q series range that has without doubt benefited from the recent showing of their Concept Blade loudspeaker.

With a concept design product leading the technology stakes it is also important to keep a reality on what is practical for the mid price range and KEF has got a firm grasp on this concept.

The Q series utilises the superb 11th generation Uni-Q driver that has benefitted from a new motor assembly and offers a focused point source of sound.

The performance of the new driver has prompted the new cabinet design, with some companies finding it difficult to overcome the technical issues of the square cabinet KEF have used them to their advantage allowing the UNI-Q driver to excel.

The range consists of 2 bookshelf speakers, 3 floor standing, 2 centre speakers, a dedicated home cinema dipole speaker and a subwoofer. Mixing and matching from the range will give a balanced sound and the option of 3 colour choices allows matching to your décor.

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