Arcam BDP300 Blu-ray Player: Special Trade-in Offer to Save Up to £500

December 04, 2013 — Article

Arcam is offering, for our UK readers only unfortunately, a £500 saving on their purchase of the FJM BDP300 Blu-ray player for a trade in of any Arcam disc player, and for those non-Arcam owners a saving of £400 in exchange for ANY!!! old disc player to move up to Arcam quality performance for both movie and music playback.

Here is the official text:

  • “Arcam owners save £500 – until the end of January 2014, can trade in ANY type of ARCAM disc player against the BDP300 and get it for the special price of just £500.”
  • “Non Arcam owners save £400 and can get the player for £600 by trading ANY form of old disc player, even that £29.00 Argos DVD Player.”

Arcam BDP300 Click on the image to get all the product specs from the Arcam web site

The Arcam’s BDP300 gives you the best of both movie and music experience worlds as it play movies from Blu-ray and DVD to benchmark levels of performance, with either 2D or 3D films but, just like its’ Arcam predecessors, it delivers the kind of stunning CD music playback performance you’d expect from a £1000 CD player.


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