Arcam previews at CES 2014 FMJ A49 Mega Integrated Stereo Amplifier

January 13, 2014 — Article

The renowned British manufacturer Arcam of Cambridge, has unveiled its new flagship stereo integrated amplifier, FMJ A49, at the CES, boasting a massive 200 watts per channel Class G constant power into 8 ohms, and 400 watts into 4 ohms. Designed and engineered in the UK, it will be hand-crafted at the company facility in Rochester New York. The FMJ A49 will be shipping only in late March, with a launch at the UK Bristol Show on the 21st Feb 2014, but here are a few highlights of the key features.

Arcam FMJ A49

The new amp, that Arcam states is the most powerful stereo amplifier they have ever produced, uses extremely advanced power amplifier circuit design, featuring Class G power amplifiers with 50 Watts of Pure Class A power and massive Class G power reserves as well as a toroidal-based transformer. Built on a large, acoustically damped chassis, the A49 is a fully balanced design and Arcam claims it offers the lowest distortion ever from one of their amplifiers.

The A49 has been designed for modern music, with an onboard PSU for Arcam’s extended rSeries of wired and wireless DACs. In addition, it has high performance MM/MC phono stages.

Arcam FMJ A49

The FMJ A49 will be available late March at a MSRP of £3250 (3900€) and Arcam has announced that a matching C49 preamplifier and a power amp, the P49, will be launched in the following month, with prices to be confirmed, so keep posted here for more details.


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