Meridian Special Editions of DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers Win First Award

January 15, 2014 — Article

In honour of the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the world’s first digital loudspeaker, the D600, Meridian has announced a new Special Edition series of DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers, featuring their latest innovations in digital loudspeaker system design including a beryllium domed tweeter, new electronics and firmware as well as driver clamp rings to deliver the highest-performing Meridian DSP Digital Active Loudspeaker available to-date.

Meridian DSP5200 SE, DSP8000 SE, and DSP7200 SE Digital Active Loudspeakers

Meridian previewed these new models at the CES with the Special Edition DSP8000, DSP7200 and DSP5200 all in display along side the iconic Meridian products over the past quarter of a century, showing the development of Meridian’s world-leading digital loudspeaker technology from the D600 to the present day.

After extensive development, technical measurements and listening, the DSP8000 SE, DSP7200 SE and DSP5200 SE all feature the following new improvements:

  • New Meridian-designed semi-horn-loaded tweeter with new beryllium dome for outstanding transient response and wide bandwidth
  • Wide bandwidth analogue electronics, optimised to take maximum advantage of high-resolution recordings
  • New DSP including Meridian’s unique EBA (Enhanced Bass Alignment) technology to provide fast, clean bass and an open transparent sound-stage
  • All drive units clamped with machined rings to provide enhanced mechanical stability

Meridian has been a true pioneer in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) as from the very beginning, Meridian loudspeakers had been Active, including the amplifiers and line-level crossovers inside the cabinet. Their vision was clear that an all-digital signal path to the loudspeaker was the future when they took a major step into digital audio technology with the introduction of the Compact Disc several years earlier. Meridian’s objective with their DSP technology is to reproduce the sound of the original performance that can make you believe the performers are there.

The new SE loudspeakers models are announced to be shipping in March while the current production DSP8000, DSP7200 and DSP5200 speakers will remain available. Piano Lacquer Black and High Gloss White finishes are standard, in addition to a large colour gamut of custom finishes as part of the Meridian Select programme.

Meridian has started off 2014 with several awards, including Stars of CES 2014 for their new Special Edition Loudspeakers. The Stars of CES Awards are for the top 10 most exciting audio and video products launched at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, chosen by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

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