Munich High-End 2014 : Photo Report part 2

May 18, 2014 — Article

We continue here with our Photo Report of HIGH END 2014 with more exceptional products.

Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond and Devialet 400 amplifier with its brand new SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology.

Marten Design Supreme 2S Speakers

Combined with DarTZeel Never Heard Before NHB-458 Monaural Power Amplifier.

Estelon Extreme loudspeakers and Vitus Audio MP-S201 stereo amplifier.

Fischer & Fischer SN 170 SN 170 and SN 470 slate enclosure speakers with AMT technology tweeter.


Demonstration of the new The Gryphon Pantheon loudspeakers driven The Gryphon Mephisto.

New version of the Pure Class A The Gryphon Antileon, the EVO model.

The new Audio Research G series was showcasing the GSi75 Integrated Amplifier. As its name says it has 2 × 75w power output thanks to the KT150 tubes. The GS150 amplifier is capable of delivering 150w per channel with the same tubes. It was associated to the Audio Research GSPre.

Brinkmann turntable driven by a rubber belt. Available with up to four tone-arms.

Electrocompaniet EMP 1/M balanced multiplayer, EC 4.8 preamplifier and Nemo AW600 Reference Monaural Amplifier with Chario Serendipity loudspeakers.

Electrocompaniet ECG 1 turntable with Jelco SA-750EB tone-arm.

Electrocompaniet ECP-2 phono preamp

Nº512, Nº52 and Nº53 Mark Levinson new system with JBL DD6700

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