December 14, 2009 — Article

Paris-based high-end audio manufacturer YBA has released its first digital to audio converter (DAC), the WD202.

Encased in YBA’s trademark black aluminium, the WD202 is intended for use with the company’s matching Design range of stereo products and includes 24/192 up-sampling with re-clocking, promising virtually jitter-free high performance conversion.

Input connections include USB for computers, optical and coaxial S/PDIFs, and the professional-style AES/EBU with input transformers and there are RCA, balanced XLR and coaxial outputs too.

It comes with a remote control (something of a rarity for dedicated DACs) and promises ‘seamless’ plug and play integration with any PC or MAC.

YBA was set up by Yves-Bernard André in 1981 with the intention of producing high-end hi-fi products. Though its products are still fully designed in France, manufacture is now in China.

The YBA WD202 DAC goes on sale this month for £590.

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