Why the Y by Focal-JMLab with YBA Design

May 15, 2006 — Article

The official launch of Y, the new high-end package from Focal-JMLab and YBA with be coming soon in the UK and then internationally. This is the beginning of a new product line concept from Focal-JMLab as Gérard Chrétien, Managing Director of the largest French loudspeaker manufacturer, explains in a recent interview with us where he shows for the first time the new, specially designed package with an integrated amplifier YA201 and CD player YC201, developed with YBA, combined with their Profile line speakers, including the beautifully new finishing on the Diamond Black series (see complete video clip presentation HERE).

What is their strategy and target ? Simplify life and create lifestyle!

Gérard Chrétien explains that this will be a whole new story for Focal-JMLab, as they feel that many consumers want high performance without the headaches of becoming an audio-technophile-specialist, as choosing the individual components is just too complex today for many people, and, even then, one is never sure before putting them all together and testing them that they will give optimum sound performance.

Y not just take a look for yourself! Click HERE

Rather than a just a series of components, here they have especially designed a tested global system especially built to work together optimally for perfect results, giving it their Seal of Approval for quality with the guarantee of compatibility. The complete system, including the necessary quality cables, will have a retail price of 5000€ (about 3500£)

The Y will be available starting June 2006, first in France in the over 80 sales points that offer the Profile Series and then in the UK. For more information directly from Focal-JMLab and YBA Design just click HERE

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