CEDIA EXPO USA 2006 - Part 4

October 09, 2006 — Article

Logitech presents the Harmony 1000 remote

They’ve made them all…keyboards, joysticks, Webcams and now… universal remotes. The Harmony models that came out a few years back took hold of a sizeable market share in the US thanks to their affordability. Today, the new Harmony 1000 joins the force.

It’s absolutely stunning with its LCD touch panel that puts your entire multimedia within easy reach! Another user-friendly feature is the intuitive Web interface making it simple to program as the Logitech website holds almost any equipment code on the market. The Harmony 1000 will be available mid-October for about 500$.

Linn showcases its In-Wall Custom 2K line-up

The In-Wall trend also made it to the Linn stall where we were introduced to the new Custom 2K line. The three models differ shapewise as the 104C-S is a three-way square speaker, the 104C-R is also three-way but round and the 106C is rectangular.

Linn 106C

Linn used the technology included in its Komponent range, the K2. This means the Custom K2 will match the Komponent 120 subwoofer very nicely indeed…

LG, 47" 1080p LCD

The hustle and bustle at the stall at CEDIA didn’t stop us from getting a proper peep at the 47LB1DA LCD, star of the stall…A 47" Full HD boasting a 1920 x 1080p resolution, the panel holds a 14 bit processor and the latest LG color optimisation XD Engine.

Equipped with ATSC, NTSC and QAM tuners for the American market, the 47LB1DA also takes CableCard. Available now and priced at $4,000.

Mark Levinson, #40 and #433

Number one on the stall was actually the Media Console #40 by Mark Levinson. What we have here are two separate units, each holding the audio or video processors.

The Media Console #40 is THX Ultra 2 certified and decodes both DTS and Dolby signals. The console is upgradable thanks to its card system and can manage up to 5 independent zones. The large LCD allows for easy configuration of the many functions of the beast.

What’s for #433 then? Well, it’s the ideal companion for #40: an amp that’s looks as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

Anthony Gallo, ballgame

He built his first speaker at 14 and has kept at it for 25 years after that. So far…A few months ago, AGA introduced his first spheric speakers designed for all kinds of use ranging from Hi-fi through Home Theater or even surround sound. At CEDIA, AGA presented the result of further research into spheric sound especially designed for Home Theater.

The new line includes sets of 3 to 5 spherical speakers placed alongside each other delivering an improved sound message. Soundwise it’s excellent and as for the design, very elegant…

Meridian, In Wall Line-up with new subwoofer

Meridian introduced the new family member to the In Wall 300 Series. The SW300 is an In Wall subwoofer to be coupled with the S300A Active Subwoofer Controler. The S300A is also a 2-channel amp with each one bearing 180 Watts that can control up to two SW300s.

We were lucky to set our eyes on these new Meridian products here at CEDIA as they won’t be available until later in the year.

Hitachi, Full HD LCD

Hitachi presented its first 42" Full HD LCD. The panel boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution ready for HD! No less than 6 million colors can be displayed and luminosity equals 1,000 cd/sqm.

Available in 2007 in two sizes: 42 and 60".

JBL, Happy Birthday!

For 60 years now JBL has provided us with exclusive speakers for our greatest pleasure. That’s why this year at CEDIA JBL decided to make a feast of it! We relished experiencing the specially designed listening area with its 7.2 Synthesis One Array system. Built around a SDP-40HD processor and the new SDEC4000, DSP filter and parametric equalizer, it offered an unforgetable sound experience! The price too does stick to mind at 75,000$.

We also discovered the new Performance Series that’s actually a complete installation with its AV1 surround processor (THX certified), a 7 channel amp and a selection of traditional or In Wall speakers. Budget: 10,000 through 30,000$.

Infinity new speaker line

CEDIA 2006 was the perfect opportunity for Infinity to put forward three new 5.1 packages. The TSS-1200 (1,300$), TSS-800 (900$) and TSS-500 (550$) systems include four satellite speakers, a centre channel loudspeaker and a powered subwoofer.

Designed along the sleek lines of the LCD trend, Infinty has taken its Total Solutions to an entirely new level. Available in a platinum or charcoal finish, you can expect to see them in the stores in October.

Only the TSS-800 and the TSS-1200 include exclusive MMD drivers, manufactured by anodizing both sides of an aluminium woofer cone or tweeter dome to a controlled thickness, producing lightweight, rigid driver diaphragms that minimize distortion and provide extraordinary transient response and tonal accuracy.

Revel, Ultima 2

Another year, another birthday…For its 10th aniversary, Revel presented its new Ultima 2 family of loudspeakers. It’s composed of 4 different models: the four-way, six-driver Salon 2, the three-way, four-driver Studio 2, the three-way, three-driver wall/stand mount Gem 2 and the three-way, four-driver Voice 2 centre channel speaker.

Revel Ultima 2 Voice 2

The Ultima range has been thoroughly upgraded thanks to the ressources and savoir-faire of Revel’s parent company Harman International.

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