Audio formats for the General Public


It is under this name that the direct competitor of Dolby Digital appeared. The company DTS has proposed, for some time now, a procedure for 5.1 encoding and restitution, which works on the same principle as Dolby Digital, but with a sound quality which is purportedly superior. We find the same number of channels with the same technical specifications, however the argument in favour of DTS is to affirm that the mathematical operation for the compression of the sound data is lighter. Less compression means better quality, and the losses resulting from this treatment are minimal.

This also means that the DTS digital signal takes up more space that that of Dolby. As with Dolby digital, we find the DTS signal on digital formats such as laserdiscs and DVD, however audio CD’s also exist in DTS format. The latter can be played on any CD player, laserdisc or DVD, provided that they are equipped with a digital output. On the other hand, you will absolutely need to have a processor for DTS decoding in order to hear the sound as it should be.

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