"When we talk about THX, in this instance for laserdiscs or DVD’s, we also should mention players with the THX label. Here again, a THX player is absolutely not needed to play a disc with the THX label, because there are no extra tracks or information on the disc. Any player can thus play it. On the other hand, a player branded THX guarantees optimum image and sound… a kind of "top of the line" player. This being said, the price tends to go with the label. To our knowledge, there’s only one THX laserdisc player, which is a RUNCO, priced in Europe around 6,000 Euros. Denon and Pioneer both have THX DVD’s in their catalogues. All that’s missing for the family to be complete is a THX video cassette player. The THX label may thus apply to all current and future players and receivers. "

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