The Processor

Re-equalisation™: This function compensates the fact that all films are mixed with more treble than one hears in the cinema. Effectively, in the movie theatre, the main speakers are found just behind a screen which absorbs many of the high frequencies.

Timbre Matching™: This function regulates the tone of your main speakers with regard to your rear speakers, to compensate the fact that a movie theatre has several pairs of rear speakers, as opposed to one sole speaker in your home.

Adaptive Decorrelation™: Gives a sensation of stereo to your rear channel when it is in fact mono, and switches automatically to stand-by mode when a stereo signal is detected. It works 100% of the time during a film in 4.0 and 50% in 5.1, because in this mode, only the effects are in stereo, the music being mixed in mono on the rear speakers, for budgetary reasons.

Bass Management™ Electronic Crossover: Permits you to use the smallest and easiest to place speakers in your interior, by redirecting all the low frequencies into the subwoofer.

Bass Peak Level Manager™: Protects your subwoofer from the ravaging dynamic that sound standards in 5.1 are capable of delivering.

Loudspeakers Position Time Synchonization™: Allows you to obtain information very easily from your amplifier on the distance between your listening position and your various speakers in such a way as to synchronise the way the sound comes to you.

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