The Speakers

"Speaker systems can also be labelled THX and here again, in the same way as for the processors, THX speakers are not absolutely identical to classic hi-fi speakers. Apart from the fact they’re able to deliver colossal power, they are also completely optimised. In fact, their directivity is completely controlled in such a way that the sound reproduced is even more impressive. A set of THX speakers is generally composed of three identical main speakers, of medium size, which never deliver low frequencies, a pair of rear bipolar speakers (which spread along the sides, as well as one or two subwoofers. Here, a polemic has begun, into which we don’t wish to venture, based on the question of whether THX speakers are still capable of correctly reproducing hi-fi. In fact, only top-line THX speaker systems are capable of reproducing "cinema" sound and high fidelity, but their price is generally prohibitive. It is thus recommended to choose THX speaker systems if you wish to put together a system reserved for Home Cinema. "

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