Some Major Confusions

"THX beats the rest
"What’s the best between THX and Dolby Digital?" To this relatively frequent question, there is no answer: In fact THX on its own is nothing, having imperatively to be associated with something else.
In this precise case, it is a sound standard or norm. This question is in fact like comparing a car and a turbo… You can use a car by itself, but you can’t do much with a turbo all on its own! On the other hand, it’s better to have a turbo in your car. Let’s say that here, the car is represented by an audio standard, such as Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital or DTS, and the turbo is represented by THX.

Laserdisc "in THX"
There’s no point in saying: "I bought the laserdisc of STARGATE. It’s in THX." In fact, it’s not "in THX", but simply "THX". The fact of saying "in" something signifies that this object possesses something particular which makes it different from the others. In the case of your laserdisc or your DVD, it has nothing more, nor better than another, as long as you don’t have a Home Cinema installation allowing you to exploit the additional THX quality. "

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