Can we do without THX ?

"To be honest, only speakers and a processor with the THX seal of approval are really indispensable. In fact, the other links in the chain (Laserdiscs, VHS cassettes and DVD as sources, Laserdisc players, Video Cassette Players and DVD Players as methods of dissemination, as well as powerful amplifiers) with the THX label generally don’t contain anything extra than their classic equivalents. It is thus quite feasible to go without… but the results are unpredictable, going from the extraordinary to the mediocre, depending upon the material used.

The particular example of YAMAHA…
Master of the art of DSP (Digital Sound Field Processing – for the simulation of effects), Yamaha has never had a policy of using the services of THX. Having acquired, over ten years, enough know-how in the field and the way of measuring "in situ" the acoustic characteristics of a cinema, they put a plethora of controls at your disposal in their amplifiers, allowing you to reproduce, at home, the same impressions as in a cinema, with, as an extra, a number of sound atmosphere variants.
In addition, the amplifier section of the top line models of the brand is generally sufficiently powerful and generous to follow the folly of a DSP processor without any problems.

…and the others
one of the main characteristics of THX in a processor being that of Re-equalisation™ of treble on the three main speakers, certain manufacturers, such as DENON or ONKYO, equip their integrated audio/video amplifiers which are not THX with a "Cinema EQ" button. This is supposed to reproduce this much talked about re-equalisation: let’s say that it’s better than nothing. "

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