The Chord Company Super Shield HDMI 1.4 Cable Updated To The Highest Standards (Manchester Show 2010)

October 19, 2010


With the move to high resolution and 3D the need to understand the cables required to reproduce the signals from your system is paramount and The Chord Co. have been labelling their cables for some time.

The higher bandwidth needed for the latest formats puts additional strains on manufacturers to produce cables that meet those requirements and the updated Super Shield supports all of them including; 3D, HD Audio and ARC.

The Audio Return Channel, which is a relatively new addition to the HDMI specification allows audio to be passed from the monitor back to the amplifier for decoding/playback.

Older types of HDMI cable may not be able to handle all the latest requirements so if you are in any doubt you’ll need to check to ensure compatibility and uninterrupted performance.

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