Arcam New Wireless R-DAC With Asynchronous DAC For Your Streamed Music (Manchester Show 2010)

October 19, 2010


With the ever increasing amount of music we listen to being streamed by PC’s, the need to improve the quality of the signal has been a goal of Arcam and their introduction of the R-DAC a while ago has gone a long way to achieving this.

Sporting a USB input and more importantly an Asynchronous DAC to draw the data when it needs it whilst being referenced to the extremely stable master clock in the R-DAC this has cleaned the signals fed from the PC and restored the signal back to its recorded state.

We still need to be recording our music at the highest possible data rate in the first place but at least the R-DAC has done its part.

The R-DAC however has been upgraded and it now has a wireless capability using the high quality Kleer system. All you need is a wireless dongle on your PC or laptop and you can stream the signals direct to the new R-DAC.

Can they make it any easier than that…

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