ISE 2012: Cabasse presents new products in complete Custom Installation range

February 06, 2012

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For the first time at ISE, Cabasse presents a full range of audio integration solutions using exactly the same Cabasse technologies as the floor-standing models, which are derivatives of their flagship, La Sphere. This strategy enables these products to be matched perfectly with the other traditional speakers in the range.

As an example, several different models of the IO2 were presented, including on-wall, in-wall and in-ceiling versions, to demonstrate the various installation possibilities, with easy-to-use magnet grills.

The “scoop” at ISE was the presentation of a soon-to-be-launched 3-way flush mounted, 4 inch deep, speaker solution using a 2-way co-axial speaker, combined with 2 new honeycomb base drivers and unique port design.

Also to be launched in the coming months is a new in-wall subwoofer, that is just 4 inches deep, offering twin base drivers and an external amplifier, which can be mounted in a separate bay.

To complete the new products on show was a powerful outdoor solution, fitted with a 5 inch woofer.

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