Meridian Media Core 600 Sooloos system

May 05, 2011 — Article

Meridian’s new Media Core 600 Sooloos system is a one-box, multiroom, digital media system with very high-end tendencies.

Meridian Media Core 600

The company’s most powerful Sooloos system so far, it comes with a brace of 2 terabyte hard disk drives configured as a RAID 1 array, and can store as many as 5,000 CD albums in lossless quality.

It’s designed for rack mounting and comes with an advanced switch-mode power supply and built-in cooling system.

It comes in a brand-new case design, and can feed up to six different music zones around the home. It can connect to the internet for access to internet radio, as well as virtually any audio system and any of Meridian’s digital speakers (from the in-wall DSP420 to the Reference DSP8000). It can be controlled using the Sooloos app for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and can also be combined with other Sooloos products to expand the system.

The Meridian Media Core 600 Sooloos is available now for £6,000.

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