Meridian’s Sooloos app for HP TouchPad

May 27, 2011 — Article

Meridian Audio has announced a webOS Sooloos app for HP’s new TouchPad tablet PC.

The Sooloos app will offer instant access to music while you’re on the move and is based on Meridian’s Sooloos software and digital media system.

Sooloos lets you import all your music to an HP TouchPad, whether that’s from a CD collection, iTunes library, downloaded files, subscription services such as Spotify or Rhapsody or internet radio, or internet radio, and access it all in one place.

Graeme Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Meridian Audio, said: “HP identified Sooloos as the ideal way to let users enjoy the full potential of their music on the new TouchPad thanks to the app’s award-winning user interface which allows the user to aggregate content from numerous sources including CDs, downloads and subscription services.

“HP and Meridian are both globally recognised as companies who strive to spearhead technological development and being selected as one of the HP premium showcase apps confirms Sooloos’ position as the class leader in music management software.”

The HP TouchPad is due in June, and the Sooloos app should be available from launch.

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