Cabasse launches MT31 range

April 24, 2012 — Article

French loudspeaker specialist Cabasse has introduced the MT31 range of entry-level products.

Cabasse Jersey Antigua Socoa MT31 maple
Jersey, Antigua and Socoa MT31 in maple finish

The speakers, incorporating technology developed in the company’s flagship La Sphère and L’Océan products, have been designed to bring the company’s Spatial Coherent System to more affordable models.

The Brittany-based company, founded in 1950 and now owned by Canon, has brought in the six new products to replace the MT30 range, a cornerstone of the Cabasse arsenal since 2009.

The Cabasse MT31 (Midrange to Tweeter) range all feature the DOM 37 midrange-tweeter drive unit, the diaphragm of which is constructed from PEEK thermoplastic film. The most expensive polymer available, its properties include extremely high thermal and mechanical resistance, superb damping, low weight, and long-term stability. The diaphragm marries a powerful magnet assembly with a redesigned horn profile, enabling it to reproduce the high-mid bandwidth with the same dynamic range and level as a high-end midrange-tweeter.

Where the Cabasse MT31 series scores over its predecessor is in the low frequency response of the speakers through the design of a new port. Originally developed for the Altura MC range of speakers the port is vertically mounted and downward firing. Vent noise has been filtered out and the standing waves within the cabinet are damped, giving a much deeper and cleaner low frequency reproduction.

Available in Wenge or Maple finishes and, despite the technical advances in the Cabasse MT31 range, its prices are the same as the MT30 range:

Antigua stand-mount (£458 pair)
Tobago floorstander (£598 pair)
Jersey floorstander (£798 pair)
Alderney floorstander (£1,098 pair)
Socoa centre channel (£299 each)
Orion active subwoofer (£549 each)

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